The Lion, the Arachnid and his Wardrobe

The Wee Man is all about dressing up. If he were vaguely normal, I’d say his closet was a candy store in which he could be like a kid. But he’s really more like a drag queen in a costume shop with a sugar daddy’s AmEx.

This didn’t really shift into high gear until well after Halloween, and it shows no signs of subsiding just because we’re on to chocolate-coated holidays.

For weeks, he wore his Spider-Man suit all day every day. Sometimes he’d work in a little Green Lantern garb. He briefly mixed it up a little more with Star Wars/Batman/Wolverine paraphernalia that came with birthday and Christmas. Sometimes he’d wear Green Lantern over Spider-Man. Or he’d throw on a couple of his sister’s sparkly hair accessories.
There are all kinds of fashion and social rules this kid is breaking. And here’s the best part: He could not give two craps what any of us think about it.

That makes him my super hero.

Today's outfit: Spider-Man swim suit under horse blanket, toy lion around the neck, birthday crown and pink snow boots that are two sizes too small.