Shown and Told

It was such a simple request.

“Please go put something on.”

But I should know by now that nothing is ever simple in this house. I was prepared for weird, color-clashing and super hero-inspired. I was prepared for arguments over underwear.

I was not prepared for Show and Tell.

Yes, that really does say "Show and Tell." Yes, the bag is the only thing he's wearing.

Seriously. He really did this. I can’t make this sh!t up. Thank you, Jesus, for cell phone cameras and cell phone addictions. That’s how I was able to snap this epic pic.

The bag was the fabulous surprise in the preschool basket this morning. It’s a huge deal to get it. You use it to carry your favorite stuffed animal, book — whatever — to share with the class. I guess it’s only fitting that the bag nicely covers that which no doubt eventually will be the Wee Man’s favorite toy of all time.