Dog Days of Summer

This is a good week. My sister has moved to Colorado, and this makes me very, very happy.

But with her came a plus-1, the dog who can’t move into her new apartment with her. Because I have a back yard and no landlord, the dog is temporarily here.

This makes me much less happy. I am not a dog person.

This is Mel, our temporary house guest. It’s not that I don’t like her as a dog — she’s very cute and sweet. I just don’t like her as a creature that repays our hospitality with holes in our backyard and barking all night.

I’m first and foremost a horse woman.

This is Lilly. She is horse, therefore I love her.

We also love ponies — clearly.

And just behind equines are felines.

No, that nice lady is not strangling this kitten. We don’t do that, because we love them. Unlike dogs. Not that I’ve strangled the dog — yet

It’s not that I hate dogs. I just find them too needy, too much work and too much trouble. It’s like having another kid. Or husband. I’m maxed out on all those.

But now I have two problems. My kids love the dog.

The Roo is having way too much fun with this dog for my taste. So is the Wee Man.





My other problem is I love my sister, despite her dog. So the dog can stay here as long as she needs to.

It’s not all bad. I’m definitely banking considerable babysitting hours from Aunt Kimi, which are accruing at about 10 times the hourly rate of my dog sitting.

I should probably let her know that. Maybe that will help Mel find a new home in a timely manner.

Till then, I’m planning a trip to Peru since Kimi’s already pretty deep in the hole. ¿Qué divertido, no?


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