Kidnapping and B!tchslapping

I parked at the doors of the library and rolled down the back windows.

“Kids, I need to run in and run out real quick. I just have to grab a book off a shelf and come back.”

Brief grumbles about wanting to pick out books and a question on whether that cool snake book was still there. I told them we didn’t have time today.

So I walked in, grabbed my book, checked myself out and came back. It was about two minutes.

Turns out that was just long enough for some misguided woman to tell my kids that they need to tell their mom she shouldn’t leave them in a car because someone would come steal them.

I was furious. Not because this stranger dared to judge my parenting skills. I honestly don’t care about that. I was irate that this person decided to introduce a terror to my children. I know that our thoughts create our realities. In my kids’ world, there’s no such thing as kidnapping. At least there wasn’t until this woman decided my children were her business, which they clearly are not.

I asked them how the felt about that lady talking to them.

“Weird. Like she shouldn’t be doing that,” the Roo said. “I thought I should jump out the window, run inside and come get you, but then I decided that wouldn’t be a good decision.”

I loved that response.

“I didn’t like her talking to me,” Wee Man said.

“I don’t like her talking to you, either,” I said, mentally cursing myself for leaving them. “She thought she was helping you, but she was wrong.”

“What do you mean she was wrong?” Roo asked.

“Well, did anybody steal you? Clearly she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” I was trying to remove the stain of the dark fear this stranger planted in their impressionable minds.

As mad as I was, this actually opened up a good conversation. I explained that we get what we think about and gave them specific examples. We had a really good chat about why it’s so important to choose positive thoughts, to be mindful of what we say and turn something we don’t like into something we do. Basically elementary and preschool-level lessons on the Law of Attraction.

So I guess I owe the impudent stranger and thank-you. But I still want to slap her first.


2 thoughts on “Kidnapping and B!tchslapping

  1. Geez-these days you can’t even spank your kids in the parking lot in the dark without someone reporting you-gals like her are the crazies that create crazies in our world!

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