Fairy Tales

Like so many other 6-year-old girls, The Roo is all about fairies. She’s seen the Tinkerbell movies, she’s profited from the Tooth Fairy’s financial benevolence four times now, and she has several dress-up outfits with gossamer wings, pastel colors and magic wands.

So I picked up Doreen Virtue’s  book, “Fairies 101,” to read to her. It’s very educational. We’ve learned that fairies appreciate gifts, so The Roo drew several pictures of fairies on pixie-sized paper from her American Girl doll’s notebook. We left five drawings and two pieces of chocolate out for them in our flower bed yesterday evening. (Doreen says they love chocolate.)

The Roo checked them about seven times before bed. I reminded her that Doreen tells us we have to be patient, that they’re shy and have to decide to trust us first. Not what she wanted to hear, but a good lesson for the girl who seems to have inherited some of her mom’s control-freak tendencies.

At bedtime, she cracked her window to the Colorado winter night in case a fairy wanted to come visit her in her room.

This morning, two minutes after she awoke, she pulled on boots and ran out front. She was thrilled when she came back in: The pictures were still there, but half a piece of chocolate was gone.

It was all the proof she needed.

Dear John missed most of the fairy buzz this morning because he was hiding in the basement. She filled him in as soon as he came upstairs. I could tell he was wondering what kind of craziness I’d incited. But he at least did not dispute the hard evidence she presented and listened as she filled him in on basic fairy lore.

Here's The Roo with one of her drawings and the half-eaten piece of chocolate -- irrefutable proof that fairies are real.

“What’s a Water Fairy?” he asked after she scampered off.

“That’s a fairy from the water. Duh,” I said.

“You sure it’s not from your ass?” he said.

“No, that’s an Ass Fairy. Duh.”

I was surprised he even had to ask, since I’m convinced the Ass Fairy is his spirit guide. But he’s not always one to notice the magic that seems to follow us everywhere we go now that we have our own little people.

Maybe he just needs some chocolate.


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